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The History of St. Paul's in Brady

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has been an important member of the community for over 140 years, providing the people of McCulloch County with worship, community outreach, and Christian fellowship. The first service of the Episcopal Church in Brady was held in the schoolhouse in 1884. The following year, a city lot was purchased towards the construction of a new church building, completed in 1900. For the next 25 years, the work of the church was carried on by a devoted group of the laity with services conducted by visiting clergymen. In 1925, the first resident Episcopal priest came to Brady and served in the mission church until 1943. In 1946, St. Paul’s became a parish, and in 1948, ground was broken for a new church located at its present site. The first service was held on Christmas Eve of that same year. The church was later consecrated in 1962. In 1971 the new Educational Building was built, and a new rectory was finished and dedicated in 1973. Today, we value the church’s history and embrace its vision and mission as guides for our daily actions. We strive to be a community of faith and love, reaching out and welcoming all people and putting our faith into practice through prayer, liturgy, education, and service. Vision: At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, we provide a welcoming, engaging, loving, and spiritual place of worship and fellowship in Christ for all people. Mission: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is an all-inclusive community of faith and love, providing sanctuary for all people to come experience the grace and forgiveness of God. By actively living out our Baptismal Covenant, we, at St. Paul’s Church, seek to reflect the love of Christ by welcoming and nurturing all people, both young and old, as we joyfully live the mission of Jesus Christ through prayer, traditional liturgy, Christian education, active outreach and the love of all God’s creation.

St. Paul's Brady, Texas
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